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Chicken Coop

Our top selling all in one chicken coop and run! With over 17 square feet of secure space the Sussex chicken coop is perfect for those that...

Chicken House Details
Hen house for sale
117 Reviews

Hen House

This very popular traditional hen house now comes with a separate run which can be fixed permanently to the coop and is made from the ...

Chicken House Details
Hen house for sale
88 Reviews

Chicken Coop For Sale

The Devon is a fantastic looking coop with an amazing number of handy features that make it a real favourite among a lot of buyers ...

Hen House Information
Buy chicken coups
52 Reviews

Chicken Coop Run

Our largest hen house and run with an amazing 31 sq feet of safe and secure space. The Devon with double run is the perfect chicken coop for those ...

Chicken Coop Details
UK chicken coops
93 Reviews

Big Chicken Coop

This is the ideal home for chickens that need to be kept enclosed as they have ample space to forage and play without needing to...

Chicken Coop Made From Wood
Wooden Hen Coop
Sussex With Double Run

Chicken Coops

The Kent Coop is our most economical model and is made from the same durable wood we use in our other popular chicken houses ....

Hen House Information
Chicken coops
41 Reviews

Wooden Chicken Coop UK

Our customers love the many features that combine to make the Kent Chicken Coop with Double Run the ultimate in convenient...

Hen House Information
Buy chicken coups
Kent With Double Run

Chicken Coop For Sale

Aesthetically pleasing, strong, sturdy and with over 23 square feet of secure run space this chicken coop has the features you would expect from a ...

Chicken Coop Made From Wood
Wooden Hen Coop
Sussex With Run

Chicken Houses
" Fabulous build quality and easy to follow assembly instructions, the coop was built by the wife before I'd got back from work. The girls ( Torchick, Treacle & Florence ) now use it all the time, it's easy to keep clean and we can't wait for our first eggs to come.

I would thoroughly recommend to anyone, they have provided a very professional & courteous service & made a new venture for us a real pleasure."

Paul & Sarah Norman - Northampton
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" Excellent service from yourselves and you choice of courier. Well packaged, quality manufactured, easily constructed and a well thought out coop and run design.

Would recommend ChickenCoopsDirect to anyone who is looking for a company to purchase these types of items from.

Well done to everyone at ChickenCoopsDirect."

Mick Pirouet - Stevenage -
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" I was delighted with my Devon coop, my nine year old son put it together in 20 mins, the quality and finish is the best I've seen in the market place.

The delivery was express service Dorset to Glasgow 18 hrs for a very low fee. I was delighted that I purchased the feeders and food as this saves time going around trying to find it.

The support from aftersales is the best I have seen in any business, the information that you supply is second to none and can save customers valuable time as you clearly answer all the questions any prospective Chicken keepers, you could teach a few of the larger companies a lesson or two in customers satisfaction.

Keep up the good work 5 star service."

Kevin Muir - Renfrewshire - Scotland
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"We stock a variety of chicken coops that are not only affordable but are also built to a higher standard than most other online chicken coop suppliers.

Our wooden chicken coops are all constructed from specially treated, highly durable softwood and are pre-treated with a layer of preservative before leaving the factory.

Over the last 5 years we have continuously improved our chicken coops based on the feedback from over 11000 customers. We have taken great care to describe our coops as accurately and honestly as possible, supplying you with real images, clear product descriptions and accurate coop specifications.

We also offer courteous and friendly customer support, so if ever you have a questions about one of our chickens coops just let us know and we will be happy to help."

Thank you for visiting us. We look forward to helping you. - from the team behind


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